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Saturday, June 19, 2010

YongSeo hosts MusicCore with Yuri

Isn't it cute?

Since Tiffany is still recovering from her vocal cord injuries, a surprise two people hosted with Yuri: YongSeo! If you watch the video, you will notice poor Yuri looking like the third wheel when she's the REAL MC! Joked Yuri, “I feel supported having them MC with me, but on the other hand I wonder what I am doing here.”

On the other side, the newest Sweet Potato couple aired the same day, when they move into their new house and are "officially" married!! Unfortunately, it is not engsubbed yet, so we will have to wait. :( We'll be posting as soon as the ep is subbed.

Check out more pictures below!

New WGM Couple: Nichkhun and Victoria?


2PM's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria are going to be the next WGM couple!! It's official!! This teaser was released at the end of last week's episode. I think they make a cute couple, though they have NOTHING on YongSeo. Call me biased, but I do think Yonghwa is the absolute perfect boyfriend. If only he spoke English...! *sigh.*

It seems that Victoria actually likes Nichkhun... a lot. Said Vicki recently, “I was really curious as to who was coming. When I saw that it was Nichkhun, my mind went blank. I can barely remember the first filming day. I was nervous the whole time.” We girls only know that happens when you really like someone.

Is WGM really going for the cougar couple? GaIn and JoKwon have a two year age difference, her being 20 and him being 18, and so do Nichtoria: him 21, and her 23. What do you think about this mysterious new couple? KPM will be posting episodes as soon as they come out eng-subbed.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A 5th Brown Eyed Girl?

A new K-POP solo star, Yo Ah Ri, has recently opened up about her past with megagroup, Brown Eyed Girls. Back in 2006, she was once a part of BEG, and was going to be the maknae (youngest) of the group, but bowed out because she felt her musical style was much different than BEG's. Unfortunately for her, BEG became a hit and she was left in the dust, recording guide tracks for other artists on the label. For a short while, she was in a rock band called Sprinkler that never debuted.

When recording guide tracks, it was like a kick in the butt; her job was to make the guide tracks for BEG that would go on to become mega-hits. “Every time I sing a guide song for the Brown Eyed Girls, I would burst in tears and fall in depression." Yo Ah Ri isn't totally doom and gloom and focuses on the positive. "[But] Because of that experience, I was able to learn a lot, making this solo debut possible.” Her new track, Excuse Me, will be out soon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lollipop MV (2NE1 ft. BIGBANG)

Abracadabra-EP (Brown Eyed Girls)


And, an added bonus:

artwork by me.

About Me...

Hi! I'm Sunnybelle, and I'm obsessed with all things K-POP like you probably are, if you're reading this. I admire the Korean pop culture and maybe would like to move there one day, if for only a year or so. Alas, I am a black high-school American who hopelessly loves English and the Roman alphabet and American couch potato/convinience too much to go to an Asian country, so I'll just probably end up moving somewhere like Korea Town in LA. :)

My favorite K-POP artists are number number number one SNSD/Girl's Generation. The GG name is really weird and I have no idea what it's supposed to mean, but I love how versatile they are with their looks and sound (ex. Oh!/Run Devil Run). My favorite members would be number one, Jessica, then Taeyeon and Seohyun (she's like a manga doll come to life!! she's so cute!!). My other favorites are 2NE1, BIGBANG, f(x), Rain (soooo hot!!), Brown Eyed Girls, etc.

My KoreaKrushes (dorky dorky name lol) are number one: Yonghwa from CN Blue. Oh my god, he is so cute!! And I really got the sensitive/fun to play around with vibe from his "relationship" with Seohyun. Number two: Rain. The only reason why I sat through that terrible felt-like-it-was-5-hours-long-but-was-only-2 movie was because of Emile Hirsch and Rain. Very hot bodies. I haven't seen Ninja Assassin, because my parents said NO, nor do I have the desire, because despite Rain's very toned abs, the blood that constantly covers his body is really not appealing. Number three: Daesung from BIGBANG. He's got an adorable and great beautiful eyes!!!! Number four: G-Dragon from BIGBANG. But, I must say, his little blonde/Lord GaGa stint was not attractive AT ALL.

So, if you got this far down the list and didn't fall asleep, thanks!! Visit for more KPOP downloads and news!! Oh, and question of the day: Who are your fave KPOP bands and/or Korean crushes? Comment below!