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Friday, June 18, 2010

A 5th Brown Eyed Girl?

A new K-POP solo star, Yo Ah Ri, has recently opened up about her past with megagroup, Brown Eyed Girls. Back in 2006, she was once a part of BEG, and was going to be the maknae (youngest) of the group, but bowed out because she felt her musical style was much different than BEG's. Unfortunately for her, BEG became a hit and she was left in the dust, recording guide tracks for other artists on the label. For a short while, she was in a rock band called Sprinkler that never debuted.

When recording guide tracks, it was like a kick in the butt; her job was to make the guide tracks for BEG that would go on to become mega-hits. “Every time I sing a guide song for the Brown Eyed Girls, I would burst in tears and fall in depression." Yo Ah Ri isn't totally doom and gloom and focuses on the positive. "[But] Because of that experience, I was able to learn a lot, making this solo debut possible.” Her new track, Excuse Me, will be out soon.

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